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DTNVG Battery Pack Adapter


The DTNVG Integrated Cable Connector, lovingly known as the DICC was created to extend the life of the DTNVG and utilize a battery pack for functional counterweighting of the helmet. The DICC has been in development for over a year, evolving and improving in both design and materials. The DICC is precision machined and uses the highest quality connectors and cabling commonly found throughout the military and aerospace. The DICC is engineered with the mentality of “Duty Grade.” Surviving harsh use and weather conditions, all without compromising the the quality and durability of the DTNVG housing.


DTNVG Battery Pack Adapter

Out of Stock
    • 50+ hours of extended battery life
    • Easy installation, without modification
    • IP68 rated
    • Maintains Act In Black DTNVG warranty
    • Use with existing battery packs on the market


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