Executive Training Group Team


Founder & Head Instructor 

Garret McLaren, Co-Founder of Executive Training Group, training at T Rex Arms private   range

Garret McLaren

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​Garret has been shooting for 10 years and has a real passion for training and instructing.  He takes a performance-based training style to solve tactical problems smarter and faster.​


Kyle Propes


Mr. Propes has competed across multiple organizations and rule platforms within the sport of grappling. While BJJ has been his primary focus, Mr. Propes has extensive experience in Judo, Boxing, Self-Defense, and Shooting. As an experienced instructor, Kyle builds value by teaching a humble mindset and emphasis on technique. 

Executive Training Group's Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Kyle Propes

Head Jiu Jitsu Instructor 

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Executive Training Group's Senrior Instructor Eric Butler teaching a civilian CQB course.

Senior Instructor 

Eric Butler

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Additionally, Mr. Butler has had the pleasure of being assigned to various dignitary protection details including President George W. Bush and Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster. Mr. Butler is a consultant on night vision gear and mission related equipment in the firearms industry, and continues to train law enforcement, military and civilians on the use of night vision, firearms and tactics.

Honorable Mentions:

Medal of Valor, two Meritorious Service Awards, Secret Service Certificate of Commendation, FBI Certificate of Commendation, and numerous other division and individual commendations. Mr. Butler is a native of coastal Georgia, where he currently resides.

Executive Training Group's Product Development, Josh Gilman
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Product Development

Josh Gilman

Josh Gilman is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Josh began his career in the Marine Corps as an Anti-Armor Missileman (0352), with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines. Mr. Gilman deployed twice to Afghanistan;  Helmand Province Nawa District , and Garmsir. 

Service Awards:

Mr Gilman's awards include the Navy Unit Commendation, Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, Presidential Unit Citation and various others. Josh currently leads product research and development, while also being an assistant instructor with Executive Training Group. Mr. Gilman currently resides in Raleigh, NC.

Executive Training Group's Instructor, Nick Edwards


Nick Edwards

Nick served in the US Marine Corps for 8 years, which included two deployments to Afghanistan, a deployment to Japan, and one deployment on ship. With a variety of experiences in multiple terrains, Nick brings a well-rounded perspective to training. He also graduated The Marine Corps scout sniper course while in the Marines. 

Executive Training Group's Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Jamie Phillips

Jiu Jitsu Instructor 

Jamie Phillips

  • Former U.S. Army Sniper

  • Won the 101st ABN DIV spot at the Forces Command annual shooting competition with the M4 Carbine and placed 2nd overall

  • Master Class USPSA Shooter

  • USCCA Certified Instructor

  • 13 years grappling and striking experience

  • Over 10 years experience in Law Enforcement 

  • Participation in hundreds of high risk warrant services, undercover investigations, and overt operations. 

  • Actively Served: Patrol Division, Narcotics Division, Gang Unit, and SWAT

  • US. Marines Anti-Armor Missileman with 3rd Battalion 3rd Marines

  • Night Vision Consultant

  • Helicopter Insert and Extract/Assault Climber Instructor for Expeditionary Operations Training Group

  • Former Military Police Sergeant with experience in Law Enforcement Operations and Combat Support

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Jamie is a US Army Veteran with service to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom where he served a supervisory role of Military Police Soldiers in Law Enforcement Operations including Investigations, Force Protection, and Customs Inspections. He also served as his unit’s Squad Designated Marksman and Instructor. Additionally, he has experience in both Federal and State Corrections, including Special Operations.

Jamie began his grappling experience as a high school wrestler with multiple tournament and regional championship wins. Jamie was introduced to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu while deployed to Afghanistan where he trained with experienced grapplers from all over the world. Jamie is an avid competitor with many wins and medal placements in IBJJF, Newbreed, NAGA, and others, as well as one professional BJJ win with the National Fighting Championship in Atlanta, Ga. Jamie also has some experience in boxing and Judo.

Client Feedback

 "A few months back I had the chance to met up with Mr. McLaren and do some shooting/instruction. When I first met him, he was polite and easy going. Once the instruction/shooting started he was very professional. He broke down the do's and don'ts, as well as demonstrated techniques. But the biggest and most helpful tip was something he said that I haven't heard before regarding effective transitioning from iron sights to a pistol mount optic (red dot). I would gladly take another one of his classes." 

- Drew Ramsey

Executive Firearms Client